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New v3.3 is Now Available on Google Play! Grab it Now!

Hello everybody! I bring you good news today!

We have released new version of the game - 3.3 on Google Play. Hopefully till the end of the week this new version will be available on all other stores! Yay! 

What's new in v3.3 :

Wheat Farming : Making Huge Wheat Farmland

Today we will talk about wheat farming. We will create a huge wheat farmland step by steps, harvest wheat and make a bread. 

First of all you need to read Farming Basics. Also please read about Melon and Pumpking Farming.

Melon and Pumpkin Farming

Farming Melon and Pumpkin is a difficult process at the first sight, but in the real, this is not it. The are only one really hard thing is to find melon and pumpkin blocks in the infinite world. The tips and tricks in this news will help you to easily and effectively grow melons and pumpkins.

Of course, before we do any farming, we need first to know how to farm. Please read our previous news about Farming Basics!

Farming Basics : Let's Grow Plants Now

Guys in response to many asks we are working on the series of the tutorials about Farming in Survival Multiplayer Mode.

Let's start with the Farming Basics!

If you have pro level in farming, read our next article about Melon and Pumpkin Farming. Also feel free to add your comments, tips, and tricks according to the Farming theme in the comments below.

Red, Golden and Enchanted Apples! Eat Now!

Hello everybody, today we will talk about apples from Survival Multiplayer Mode! There are ordinary red apple, golden and golden enchanted apples that cause different effects when have been eaten.


To get red apple you need to break a lot of oak leaves with any tool except shears. This is a hard work as one apple can be obtained with probability of 0,5% from oak leaves.

To get golden apple you need 8 gold ingots and 1 apple. 

The Heroes Clan : Join and Play with Team!

Hello everybody! 

Today i am writing you about The Heroes Clan that are playing in Survival Multiplayer Mode! 

Main Goal of The Heroes Clan is to build a huge farm with houses, different creations, farms, caves etc. in the form of a Huge Cross! So the farm will have 4 parts: north (is already done - look on the pictures below), east, west, south, so all the layers of the base from birds eye view will display a cross.. 

Potions with Negative Effects : Learn How to Brew

Hey all, 

here you can find all infornation about all available potions with negative effects in the game. You should read before the previous articles about How to Start Brewing Process and Brew Potions with Positive Effects.

Potions with Positive Effects : Learn Basics and Start Brewing

Hello everybody,

on this news you will learn everything about all available potions with positive effects in Planet of Cubes. Read news and start brewing! 

There are 8 potions that cause positive effects. The basic effect of these potions can be increased, decreased and reverted when you use Redstone or Glowstone Dust, or other ingredients.