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How to Make and Use Bone Meal

Hello guys!

Here you can find a video about how to make and use bone meal in Planet of Cubes. Watch the video and start doing magic: grow grass, plants, trees, make a giant mushrooms and tons of flowers with one bone meal clink. Enjoy! 

If you have already used bone meal in the game, please share your game expirience in the comments below.

planet of cubes, survival, craft, base, bases

Top 5 Epic Survival Bases

Hello everybody! Here you can view Top 5 Epic Survival Bases made by players in Survival Multiplayer. This is not easy to mine resources, fight mobs, satisfy hunger and build such an amazing bases. But our players can do it. Enjoy viewing! 

planet of cubes, noob, pro, survival,craft

Noob vs Pro : 10 Facts

Are you Noob or Pro in Survival Multiplayer? Take a look on Noob vs Pro : 10 Facts below. Test yourself and tell us in the comment who you are and what facts describe your behavior in Survival Multiplayer most!

Scroll slides to see all 10 Facts! And let's not forget that all pros were noobs, and all noobs will be pros.

WINNER of the [Contest] Build a House - Win Coins

Hello everybody! First of all - thank you all contest participants, i love all of your creations! But today let's congratulate Oppo for winning the [Contest] Build a House - Win Coins! Oppo won 500 coins! Yay! Below you can check the Oppo's amazing house! 

[Contest] Build a House - Win Coins

Hello everybody. Let's do same fun here. 

We are starting a new contest series with very simple task : Build a House at any game mode and at any design, attach a picture to this thread.

New v4.4 is out on Apple Store! Private Maps for Everybody, for Friends Only or for You Only!

Good new today! New v4.4 is out on Apple Store with new hot features!

Who loves World of Cubes here? It is a time to get similar gameplay on Planet of Cubes! 

- Now you can create Private Maps in Singleplayer Creative or Survival.

- You can upload your Private Maps to Multiplayer with such options: Who can modify? 1 - Everyone, 2 - Friends, 3 - Only Me. Who can join? 1 - Everyone, 2 - Friends, 3 - Only Me. 

Own servers and private worlds in NEW v4.4! Already available on Google Play!

Hello guys!

It's time to check your devices and update the game again!

HUGE UPDATE with new exciting features!

Secret Santa Christmas Party

Hello guys!

Join Secret Santa party on Decemder, 25

Write to Secret Santa, or on this thread to get invite