New event announcement

A new event starts today, in this thread you can share screens of the found items to receive a reward. All details on our YouTube channel.
Do not forget to enter your nicknames to receive the reward. Great fun everyone!

Epic PvP event tomorrow

Hello everyone, this weekend we have an event - epic PvP battle. For each defeated player, you get a rare thing: cool horse armor and rare blocks.
Time Saturday, 17:00 UTC, global survival, the coordinates are closer to the event. Also we will launch the stream 

We are waiting for you all!

Survival labyrinth

On Monday, a wonderful quest with a maze will take place, and tomorrow on our YT channel there will be a trailer with the rules.

You can choose two roles - participant or viewer. Participants will fight below and look for treasure rooms, while viewers will watch and throw monsters off to them. You need not only to find treasures, but also to carry them away from the maze - there is only one entrance.

We are waiting for you all!

Update v.4.10 is coming soon - new video on YT channel

Hey guys!

New update is coming soon. The main features: new inventory and mobs.

More info in the video.

Enjoy ;)


Have a nice day!

Halloween Contest results ;)


So contest was greatfull, and it's time to announce the results!


So, here are the names of our top players:

New Contest to Halloween o_O

Hey gyus,

From today till 31 October - you have ability to create any monument, building or block-picture in game in style of the Halloween and got a lot of prizes!

Beggining with Halloween skinpack - ending to the reward till 7000 coins!

YES, this is what you need for a wonderful gift. You can send your works to the forum or to our group -

Minecraft Halloween Free

Halloween update and new contest is coming soon

Horrrrific hello to everyone! Soon we will have a favourite Halloween holiday, which means we need to celebrate it in our game! We are ready, and what about you? ;)


Next week we will update the game in Halloween style, what is ours waiting for?

- Thematic update of the spawn zone

- Halloween skinpack

- A lot of mobs with pumpkins on their heads

- Styling Halloween game atmosphere

- Discounts in the store

- Incredible Halloween map