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Hey guys!

New update is coming soon. The main features: new inventory and mobs.

More info in the video. https://youtu.be/J-vpAN09rdU

Enjoy ;)


Have a nice day!

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Hello to all! Sorry for the pause - the video will be published next week. All have a good week!

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What will some of the new features be? I already see emerald blocks and anvils but I'm not to sure if those will be added to survival

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Pìzzærølls, I think we will know it if the video comes out and i think maybe he just again take impossible blocks in survial multiplayer in his inventory! But lets see! Cant wait if the Emerald Block come to Survial Multiplayer and the Anvil start working!

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Nice looks like the Zombies get another new 3D Model? Or are this the new Mobs hmm idk what that Mobs are than! Well im a little bit sad that the video was not coming today because i was so excited but now im even more! Hope the Emerald Block come to Survial Multiplayer :3 But which means inventory update i cant wait to know that!

BlueTangs Rock3
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Aye, look at that, PoC actually adds Shrek! Lol.

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Cool new zombies but why are they changing them? Now they will look like a completely different species than humans and traders even though they are still the same thing? Emerald blocks look cool though although I'm pretty sure a lot of people will collect them making them not too rare still cool though!☺ Can't wait!

RedTangs Rock3
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I may be returning to PoC cause of this.