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Update v.4.10 is coming soon - new video on YT channel

Hey guys!

New update is coming soon. The main features: new inventory and mobs.

More info in the video.

Enjoy ;)


Have a nice day!

Halloween Contest results ;)


So contest was greatfull, and it's time to announce the results!


So, here are the names of our top players:

New Contest to Halloween o_O

Hey gyus,

From today till 31 October - you have ability to create any monument, building or block-picture in game in style of the Halloween and got a lot of prizes!

Beggining with Halloween skinpack - ending to the reward till 7000 coins!

YES, this is what you need for a wonderful gift. You can send your works to the forum or to our group -

Minecraft Halloween Free

Halloween update and new contest is coming soon

Horrrrific hello to everyone! Soon we will have a favourite Halloween holiday, which means we need to celebrate it in our game! We are ready, and what about you? ;)


Next week we will update the game in Halloween style, what is ours waiting for?

- Thematic update of the spawn zone

- Halloween skinpack

- A lot of mobs with pumpkins on their heads

- Styling Halloween game atmosphere

- Discounts in the store

- Incredible Halloween map


Technical works on a server

Dear customer!

On September 04, 2019, Wednesday, from 10:40 till 11:20 time zone UTC+3, technical works are planned on the game server.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Look out new video :)

Look out new video about YT bloggers and their opportunity to get new coins and views. Also, there are hidden coordinates of gold tree - will you find it? ;)

New YouTube video! :)

Hi all,


We posted new video on our YouTube channel:

There are info about redstone, new weapon, Saturday Chest and new update. Dond forget to follow us in social media: