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[Contest] Create a Poster to Сhildren's Day - Win 5000 Coins

Hello friends. We are starting a contest today!

Contest task: Create a Poster to Сhildren's Day in Planet of Cubes and attach it to this post in comments. Examples: screenshot with children's day themed building in Planet of Cubes, or pixel art, or painted picture by hands related to Children's Day in planet of cubes or do something by your own creative idea related to Children's Day. 

Trouble with Facebook

Guys you can't use game connection through Facebook for now. In one of the next summer update, we will fix it! Now please connect your game account to your email, and do not reinstall the game if your account have been connected to the Facebook.

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Redstone, Electricity, New Range Weapons, Spawn Eggs and More are Available in v4.8! Play it now!

Hello Friends! Good news for you! Another huge update is out on Amazon and going to Apple and Mac Store today! 

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V4.7 is out on Mac Store! Enjoy cool NEW features today!

Hello guys! Long-awaited update v4.7 with tons of new features is out on Mac Store!  Download it now and enjoy cool new features!

CRITICAL UPDATE from 5 AM to 6 AM UTC on July 24, 2018. All new featured will be switched on!

Hello everybody, tomorrow we will switch on all LONG-AWAITED features for you! But we need to make a CRITICAL UPDATE.

The game will be not available for playing for 1 hour, from 5 AM to 6 AM UTC!

But after Critical Update, you will be able to use such amazing features:

[POLL] Vote for mobs style: cubic or realistic?

Hello guys! 
Please take part in the poll. Let's decide here what style of mobs do you like more: cubic or realistic?

Feel free to add your comments below! 

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WINNER of the [Contest] Post Your Idea for the Update - Win New Secret Feature

Hello hello hello! Guys, it was so so hard to choose the winner of the Contest this time! 

We made a decision! You are all creative and cool!  And everybody that commented their ideas to the contest thread won a secret prize!