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WINNER of the [Contest] Post Your Idea for the Update - Win New Secret Feature

Hello hello hello! Guys, it was so so hard to choose the winner of the Contest this time! 

We made a decision! You are all creative and cool!  And everybody that commented their ideas to the contest thread won a secret prize! 

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[Contest] Post Your Idea for the Update - Win New Secret Feature

Hello everybody. Good news! New update is coming to all platforms! Specially to this excited event, we are starting a new contest! 

Contest task: Post your idea for the new update in text description, image or video. 

Contest prize: New Secret Feature

The winner will be choosen by me on May 30, 2018. The winner is the one who will describe the new update features best of all. 

Start now! Show what you can do! 

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BOD Clan | Enderman Creativity | Part 3

Friends, this is the last 3rd part of BOD Clan's Base overview. Huge storage, wheat/melon/pumpkin farm, statue of Enderman, two amazing ground modern houses are waiting for you to be seen and liked :)

Also check BOD Massive Underground Base and BOD Sky Base if you haven't done it yet.

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BOD Clan | Sky Base | Part 2

Friends, today you can enjoy viewing BOD Clan's Sky Base. There are many amazing houses, buildings in modern style with beautiful interior design. Here you can also see a big library, an animal farm and a huge 3d chicken. That's cute, right?

bod, clans,survival online, minecraft survival, roblox, clash of clans

BOD Clan | Massive Underground Base | Part 1

Hello everybody! 

Today we are talking about warm and friendly clan called BOD! These guys are so creative, that my words are limited to describe them. 

Just watch below an overview of the Massive Underground Base, give your respect to clan's members in the comments. And remember - this is Part 1. Come here tomorrow to check Part 2 with an overview of Sky Base made by BOD Clan.

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WINNER of the [Contest] Create Easter Poster - Win 50 Apples

Hello everybody! Big thanks to all participants of the [Contest] Create Easter Poster - Win 50 Apples, we love all of your Easter Posters! 
But now lis a time to choose the Winner! This is KARAN! He won 50 apples!! Congratulation!
Below you can check again the Karan's Easter Poster! 

planet of cubes, contest, easter, eggs, happy easter, 2018

[Contest] Create Easter Poster - Win 50 Apples

Hello everybody. Very bright and happy holiday is coming! This is Easter!  
Specially to this day, we are starting a contest. 

Contest task: Create Easter-Planet of Cubes themed poster and attach it to this post in comments. Examples: screenshot with easter themed building in Planet of Cubes, or pixel art, or rabbits with easter eggs, or painted picture by hands related to easter-planet of cubes theme or do something by your own creative idea related to easter-planet of cubes theme.