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Hello everybody! Big thanks to all participants of the [Contest] Create Easter Poster - Win 50 Apples, we love all of your Easter Posters! 
But now lis a time to choose the Winner! This is KARAN! He won 50 apples!! Congratulation!
Below you can check again the Karan's Easter Poster! 

planet of cubes,, building, build, craft, minecraft, easter, happy easter

For those that haven't downloaded the game yet, we attached game store links below!wink

Planet of Cubes, apple, itunes planet of cubes, amazon,

planet of cubes, google play planet of cubes, free, amazon

                             planet of cubes, mac

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LOL thanks as.

I just logged in to see th e result

Thanks again :)

The Lich
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Gratz Karan

BlueTangs Rock3
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Yeah, good job man! :D

ϟϟJohnHyper12 ϟϟ
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Holy crap Karan u won 50 apples nice work mate ;)

ϟϟJohnHyper12 ϟϟ
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To me it's almost like Karan is like the co-admin and the PoC admin is the total admin I mean wow 

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Karan doesn’t even celebrate Easter?

J-Dog HU
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Thankyou admin.

Admin gace me 64 apples instead of 50 xd ;)

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Karan Bye PoC, welcome! And thank you and all other participants :)

ϟϟJohnHyper12 ϟϟ
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Karan Bye PoC, wait if your name is like ( Karan Bye PoC ) is that mean your leaving ;( 


Please don't leave PoC , everyone will miss you ;(

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Looks so pretty! It's rare to see colorful stuff in Poc.

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 Congratulations! yes