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Friends, this is the last 3rd part of BOD Clan's Base overview. Huge storage, wheat/melon/pumpkin farm, statue of Enderman, two amazing ground modern houses are waiting for you to be seen and liked :)

Also check BOD Massive Underground Base and BOD Sky Base if you haven't done it yet.

Big respect to:
BOD leader: J-Dog HU!
BOD members : JohnVoltage, SJY123, Alexander02, Michael 45, AnakiN, RiverWulf, Hassan, Shamya, WinterDeathKnight!

Go ahead! Watch the video and add your thoughts of the BOD Clan creativity!

heartDownload the game for your platform, if you haven't done it yet!heart

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planet of cubes, google play planet of cubes, free, amazon

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Hi guy- Eskip leader
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