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PoC Master
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Hello guys!

It's time to check your devices and update the game again!smiley

HUGE UPDATE with new exciting features!surprise

- Added NEW GAME MODE – PRIVATE MAPS! Now you can create your own survival and creative maps and play with friends.
- When you create new map, you can choose who can join your map and who can modify it: ONLY YOU, EVERYONE or ONLY YOUR FRIENDS!
- Select one from 20 predefined templates for your new private survival or creative maps!
- Removed teleport scrolls in the GLOBAL SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER MODE.

Share your comments below. Updates for other platforms is also not far away smiley




heat it up (not verified)
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Pizza grll
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the best thing now is that u can go with full inventory without a scroll taking a space lmao

PoC Master
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Pizza grll, and you don't need to spend coins for buying scrolls!surprise

Pizza grll
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PoC Master,thats work haha 

since we get 300 coin a day that awesome haha . 

before ( i used to ask people for scrolls or making another account for scrolls ) haha

Pizza grll
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thanks for all poc team !

i bet this is a hard job to run a game so everyone can anjoy it !

i guess the hardest is updating 24/7 and make it good for us !

thanks for the effort yll putting n this game ! hope yll gt good benefits from it and ty so much ! all luck !

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Wow thank you know I can study the spawns without worrying about other players

Hi guy- Eskip leader
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when will it be on amazon undergrnd

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This is a repea...
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This is great to hear! Now people and their friends can play survival mode online WITHOUT getting killed on arrival. Not to mention, you don’t have to spend money on scrolls anymore, which is a BIG plus. I can’t wait to try it out. 

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AWESOME UPDATE LOVE IT!!! Good work Solverlabs! =) 

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Developers we need horse and carts and boats please

RedTangs Rock3
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We need this for IOS please cmon I cant update

Angel LeaderofS...
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Yes we need for Macs and apple phones

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