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Today we will talk about wheat farming. We will create a huge wheat farmland step by steps, harvest wheat and make a bread. 

First of all you need to read Farming Basics. Also please read about Melon and Pumpking Farming.

Wheat farming process is different from melon and pumpkin farming, as wheat grow on the block you planted it. The common thing is the quantity of stages for plant's growing. There are 8 stages.

Wheat farming you should start with seed's obtaining. Wheat seeds can be obtained by destroying grass with any tool. We suggest you to speed up the obtaining process by placing water on seeds.

When you have some seeds, you should make a farmland with hoe. Add water near your farmland to make it hydrated and add lights near the farmland to speed up the process of growing plants.

Plant a seed in each farmland block by clicking it while holding a wheat seed. Seeds need to grow through 8 stage to harvest wheat. If you break the final (7th) stage, you will get 1 wheat and 0 - 3 seeds. If you break early (0-6) stages, you will get seeds without wheat.

When you have wheat, open the workbench and craft 1 bread from 3 wheat. Satisfy your hunger and prepare for the Beetroot Farming that will be reviewed next time!

Below you can find a tutorial video about Wheat Farming! Add your likes and comments please! 

Remember!!! You or other players have to be online on the planted chunks to continue growing plants! When you go offline and other players aren't on the planted chunks, your plants will stop growing.

Read next about Beetroot Farming!

Download the Game Now, if you haven't done it yet!




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Wow, what a coincidince! me and Dany just finnished building a giant farm on Sunday

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trash, sounds great! Show me the screenshot of your giant farm , when you finish it! :)

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Good job pocadmin!

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Lovepoc, thank you wink

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Hey pocadmin! :D

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BlueTangs Rock3, Hey hey!