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TNT Exploding: How to Craft and Use

Wanna be a cool Demoman in Survival Mode? This is a right place for you! 

Remember you can access to TNT exploding after you download new version 3.2 for your beloved Planet of Cubes game! 

The update is curently available on Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon and Amazon Underground! 

iOS Users! Download New Update of Planet of Cubes - v3.2 for your iPhone and iPad for FREE!

iOS Users we have amazing news for you! Best online survival and creative game updated to v3.2 on Apple Store for FREE!

New Excited Updated with v3.2 Now Available on Google Play and Amazon! Let's Play!

Hello everybody!

Planet of Cubes game is finally updated to v3.2 with tons of new awesome features on the: Google PlayAmazon and Amazon Underground.

Download the Game: 

Join the Defenders Clan! The First Big Clan in Survival Multiplayer!

Hello everybody! 

Today we would love to tell you about a first big survival clan in Planet of Cubes under name "The Defenders". 

The leaders of the Defenders Clan are Hakuin and Towsey

Flowing Water: Tips & Tricks

Greetings survivors, crafters, or random players! Today we have made a video for you about Flowing Water: Tips & Tricks! 

More information about water, you can find on our wikia page here. Use this information for improving your game experience! 

Watch the video below, please add your comments and likes! 


Let's play Survival Multiplayer Mode on iOS devices!

FINALLY: Long awaited SURVIVAL Multiplayer Mode is now available on Apple Store! Stay tuned for exciting upcoming updates! 

HUGE update with tons of new features and new game mode - SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER:

FINALLY! Survival Multiplayer Mode Available for FREE on Google Play!

Guys, great news! We have finally released Planet of Cubes version 3.1 on Google Play and Amazon Underground with SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER MODE and CREATIVE MULTIPLAYER MODE! DOWNLOAD THE GAME ASAP AND PLAY!

Let's play Survival Multiplayer Mode with Mobs! New v3.1 now available on Amazon!

Guys, great news! We have finally released new version 3.1 on Amazon Underground with Mobs, Food, Hunger, Farming, 3 new Block Texture Packs and much more! The game is great and very addictive for everyone! Please give us a feedback to this game version in the comments below! If you have suggestions to the game, please write them Here.