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"Winter Creativity" Contest Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners! EVERYONE who entered the Contest did a great job and we want to thank you for participating! All cool works that we received for the Contest you can find by clicking here. Below you can find the list of winners and there works to the Contest "Winter Creativity": 

Contest "Winter Creativity"! Take part and WIN COINS!

Hey all! 
Want more coins? Take part in the Contest "Winter Creativity"!

Contest Details: 
1. Build anything and everything according WINTER theme in Planet of Cubes. For example: Snowman, Christmas Tree, Snow City, Snow Palace, Winter Pixel Art, Skies and vice versa!
2. Made screenshot of your Creation.
3. Attach your screenshots to comments here or send to

Hot Announce! Huge excited changes of gameplay! Chunks Renting is coming...!

Guys in response for many requests and messages, your comments, and feedbacks to the game - we are going to add new feature - Renting Chunks to the next update! So no one except you (the owner of the Rented Chunk) will destroy your creations in the next game version! Imagine all your houses, flats, creations will be saved and not grieved anymore!

Top 10 Best Planet of Cubes Skyscrapers

Guys, on this week we have created a list of Top 10 Best Planet of Cubes Skyscrapers, that you must visit in Planet of Cubes! All of them are located in the Dubai area!

Almost all of these skyscrapers are empty inside, so its means that you can take a flat or even a floor and build your own apartment there!

Skyscrapers are a good place for role playing with friends or with random players! Hurry up! Take your best place in the best skyscrapers!

Top 10 Best Planet of Cubes Lanscapes

Planet of Cubes is an mmo sandbox game with infinite world filled with beautiful landscapes. All landscapes are unique and interesting for exploring, for role playing and for building in! Plains, tropical, jungles, deserts, volcanoes, mountains, and more are available for your adventure in the Planet! 

We present to you here 10 of the very best, most interesting landscapes we have found. Check coordinates, and visit this landscapes directly on your device. What's your favorite one? 

Planet of Cubes updated to v.1.6 on Apple! Added new amazing skin packs and more!

All Apple keepers are welcome to try and wear new amazing skins that were added to v.1.6! There are 7 new amazing skin packs: Cartoon, Comics, Futuristic, Medieval, Monsters, Sport and Misc! All skins are unique and very nice! We are hoping that you will like all new skins! 

V.1.6 now Available on Amazon! Added 168 new skins!

Hello everybody! We have good news for you! 

To v.1.6 we have added In-Game Store! Now you can buy different staff to customize your gaming experience! You can get FREE coins by login to the game with your Facebook account, also you can earn DAILY FREE coins by playing the game every day! 

V.1.5.3 now available on Amazon and Google Play! Added sunrise and sunset!

Dear players, upgrade your devices to version 1.5.3 on Google Play and Amazon! 

We have added to v.1.5.3 lovely sunrise and sunset; small bug fixes! Meet beautiful sunrise and spend sunset alone or with your friends...Enjoy!

And don't forget that Survival Multiplayer is coming....Stay with us!