Hot Announce! Huge excited changes of gameplay! Chunks Renting is coming...!

Guys in response for many requests and messages, your comments, and feedbacks to the game - we are going to add new feature - Renting Chunks to the next update! So no one except you (the owner of the Rented Chunk) will destroy your creations in the next game version! Imagine all your houses, flats, creations will be saved and not grieved anymore!

Now we would love to tell you how it'll work and share some screenshots from the development version of the game! We hope to hear feedback from you, please tell us your thoughts: do you like it or not? Maybe we should optimize it more!? Tell us! So we will have a time to add changes till the game release, that is going to come on November, 2015!

So let's start! 

When you click on the Rent Chunk button, you will see the screen with all Chunks that are visible in your View Distance range, the status of these Chunks, compass and your position in the Planet! 

All Chunks have status, marked by colors that's mean: 

Grey Color - Available - Chunks that you can Rent
Green Color - Selected - The chunks that you've just selected
Yellow Color - Your Chunk - The chunks that you've just Rented
Orange Color - Occuped - These Chunks were Rented by another players
Red Color - Spawn Chunk - This is Spawn area where no one can built! 

You can choose the quantity of days for Renting your selected Chunks for coins!

Every day you will receive daily bonus - 20 coins, that's enough to Rent one Chunk every day! To Rent more Chunks you need to buy more coins! 

There will be a list of all Rented Chunks. You can rename all your Rented Chunks, you can change the conditions of the Rent of your Chunks or delete them. 

Tip: You can mark the borders of your Rented Chunks, and then turn off highlights in the main options! 

We are hoping you will like Renting Chunks, and it will make the gameplay of the game more excitement as it will bring you the possibility of showing your individuality and creativity to millionth worldwide community!
We hope to hear as much as possible feedback about this new feature from your side! 

Download game:




-Beastie-'s picture
-Beastie- Thu, 2015-11-05 04:09

I think this is a great idea for players who want to show of there building skills

with this players will not have to worry about other players building on there creations.

The menus look very nice and easy to navigate as well hopefully alot of players will like this new idea as well as I do!


John Camilon 2's picture
John Camilon 2 Fri, 2015-11-06 06:12

Yep, This is helpful. 

John Camilon 2's picture
John Camilon 2 Fri, 2015-11-06 06:36

This update will help our creation to protect by griefers. smiley. As soon as possible i will always open my Play Store for that updates, And wait. What are version are this.




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danielbattle Thu, 2015-11-26 22:33