V.1.6 now Available on Amazon! Added 168 new skins!

Hello everybody! We have good news for you! 

To v.1.6 we have added In-Game Store! Now you can buy different staff to customize your gaming experience! You can get FREE coins by login to the game with your Facebook account, also you can earn DAILY FREE coins by playing the game every day! 

We have added 7 new skin packs! Every skin pack has 24 skins which totals to 168 NEW skins! Now wear new different skins and take part in different role playing games! 

What skins will you choose first of all? What skin pack? Tell us please! 

Below you can take a quick look on new skin packs presentation:

1st skin pack - CARTOON

2nd skin pack - COMICS

3rd skin pack - MISC

4th skin pack - MONSTERS

5th skin pack - SPORT

6th skin pack - MEDIEVAL

7th skin pack - FUTURISTIC

The game becomes better and better with each update! Stay tuned! Survival Multiplayer is coming...!!!