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WHERE T F R ALL THE ADMNS??!?!!!??!???!?

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Idk but i still wait for an New Update i hope the New Update come this Month poc going down and soon i have 0 Video Ideas

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Im waiting for them to fix the glitch that won’t let me join worlds or servers


How many admins are their I only seen 3 on this site 

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How many admins are their I only seen 3 on this site 

Each forum(WoC and PoC) has a few admins.

WoC has Olga, Wocadmin, and a supposed moderator that only was online a few days throughout the last few years that one's joined. All of these people are inactive, the last active one was Olga, who announced the most recent WoC update in December of 2018, though before then she wasn't active for over half a year there.

Before the release of PoC Survival Multiplayer, when WoC was equally as relevant as PoC and many people were on both servers, Olga used to be a very active and cheerful admin, but as PoC eventually over through WoC in popularity, and WoC Forums became a ghost town, she moved to PoC Forums for a bit and then became inactive.


As for the PoC Forums, there's a bit more to that, there's Pocadimin, Olga, and PoCHelper, however Olga was only active on the PoC Forums when Survival Multiplayer was first introduced back in mid 2016, and she would come back every one in a while, usually around the earlier updates of the Survival Multiplayer Server, such as when throwable snowballs we're added, then she didn't really return since.

Pocadimin was originally a different person than what he is now (literally, someone took over his role as admin a year or so ago), around some point in mid or late 2017 he announced that he would retire his role as admin, and along came PoCHelper who originally did a meme-related contest post, and took his role as admin not as professionally, then eventually another person came back as Pocadimin and I believe that one's the one who's currently Pocadimin now or that admin role might've been swapped a third time at some point I don't fully remember, and then PoCHelper also came back at a point and then disappeared again, then at some point past mid 2018, the admins have been basically ghosting us.

Basically, at this point all admins are inactive to both of the Forum Communities, and Pocadimin is now just a name swapped between 2 or 3 people thoughout 2016 to now.

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Yes there r 3, however none r showing up