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>Ey :D. So the news on my Illness are quite relieving. I have been getting lots of moral support from Scarlet&nbsp;<strong>&lt;3&nbsp;</strong>And Economic support from my family. My Father has been here for almost 2 weeks now. We got a shampoo that doesn't let my hair drop and a box of pills from Switzerland,which all these costed over Loans of Euros.&nbsp;</p>

<Since 2 weeks my headaches started to stop,a small bit of my hair rarely even drops. The pain in my stomach stopped. But there are also some bad news, I am getting theraphy because I now have panic attack and have 2 stupid inhalers because of now I am diagnosed with Asthma. Literally illness over illness.

<>Well all those pills have stupid and negative side effects. Such as, sleep paralysis,turning my skin pale white. Turning my eyes bloody af. Tired all the time.&nbsp;</p>

The best way to defeat your illness is moral support. When you have people standing by your side all the time you never get to lose.


>And I have to admit..I have already started being a jerk on PoC again xD<

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J-Dog HU
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Hope u get through it

Pizza grll
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all this .. all this is just * going to last for a while *

keep it up and believe that u can get over it and ( if allah wanted ) inshaallah you will .

keep fighting back 

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We are all glad

RedTangs Rock3
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Hopefully u get better soon just keep hoping

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So some idiots didnt see this..

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I will kill everyone who supported you

The Lich
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Zerow, because?

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The Lich,same question


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Hope u get better soon!


BlueTangs Rock3
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Elektrika wrote:

Hope u get better soon!


This post is a bit over two years old, besides the whole "illness" thing was faked by Kian to take advantage of empathetic people so he could get false support at the time. 

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BlueTangs Rock3,lol i need to start paying attention