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Im stuck in one place in survival multiplayer mode I can't move my character just walks in place i cant break or place stuff either. When I try the block stays there but it still drops the block at the same time. I just came online and deccided to play and this happned I tried leaving to menu then trying again but it didn't fix anything. Help...

Hi guy- Eskip leader
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hmmm idk, maybe shut down and turn on ur device?

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I found the answer it just is edit game close tab then rejoin I hope they patch this but soon.

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if it happens again just exit the game completely , open the settings of the game , clear cache , force close , turn wifi off then on and relog to the game , it should fix it , if you cleared data somehow then turn off the tutorials before you enter the game , that's what freezes me If I don't turn that off , hope it helps