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It's almost the end of the year and you might be aware of Christmas event. There will be hopefully a last event of this year which would be so huge.

30+ players inside the ring death match in private map in order to avoid unwanted guests.

I don't think anyone will do any such event from next year onward cuz poc is dying already,so you should join this for the last time. 

I can assure no cheating and equal availability of resources. Cheaters will be unfriended which will kick them out of map


You will be provided with-

2 diamond armour sets, 2 swords(No Pickaxe to avoid escaping out of ring easily)and some food (same for all) 

33 players have joined by now. 


REWARDS- HUGE for sure for the last man standing

DATE- 28th December 2018

NOTIFICATION- A video will be uploaded to my channel about 2 hours before the beginning of the event. Here is my channel.


This event is open for all the members on forums Including all the Hoes and teens with AIDS.


Comment below to join...

Nd just in case u wana add me...

My Discord-


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Ill watch if its possible  . #jacknomercy 

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Yoot yoot

BlueTangs Rock3
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How does one join to witness the event? Is it even possible to without having to fight?

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BlueTangs Rock3,whoa.....

BlueTangs Rock3
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.-Modz-. wrote:

BlueTangs Rock3,whoa.....


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Yeah you can watch...I will tell everyone my username before this event on yt...2-3 hours before this event...