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Hey i want this come in 2019 for Planet Craft:

Version 5.0 :

-Adding Mush Room Biome and Mushroom Spawn

-Adding Redsand Biome and Redsand Spawn

-Adding Anvil System

-Adding Redstone System in Global Multiplayer

-Adding all Flowers in the Picture

-Adding Emerald Block in Global Multiplayer : 9 emeralds 1 block so emeralds usefull for Base :)

-Adding Prismarin Blocks in an Ice Biome Tempel Then the ice world is much more useful you have already updated the desert too much now is the ice world's turn

-Adding Flower Pot

here Pictures about it:


I want all what is in the Picture in Global Multiplayer +Prismarin Blocks

The Flowers are long awaited and should spawn in the 1000+ Spawns

This new version would give Planetcraft a breath of fresh air again and beautiful new worlds: I would also like to think it's good that you are now tackling the ice world and even packing new monsters into the ice world like, for example, a polar bear the desert has enough beautiful ones now

How do you find these ideas would have even more but had no buck to pack everything in...


BlueTangs Rock3
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Prismarine would make much more sense being in an ocean biome, which PoC still doesn't have a dedicated ocean biome yet. But yeah, a lot of the things still limited to the offline modes should definitely be added into the PoC Global Survival Server in some way or form.

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poc admins don't even search for this site anymore XD spam them on yt dude if you really want this update XD 

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Karan,I think the look I've found a Poc Helper who is active here in the Fourum and he's called Poc Helper in the name and I don't think that those who have come on it alone have come up jukebox and packing iron-fall door into shop

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nah depth ore and the Core lol