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Here is Season 4 Chapter 1 full ready to be read by the forums. Now im off to work on Season 1 hope u guys enjoy Season 4!


P.S Before you read the script first read the allegiances and all the characters in the script.


Of the Star Nation and the Sun Lands



Leader: Thunderstar(Tuo)

Deputy: Heliona(Spearton’s father)

Generals: Wavy, Frosty

Warriors: Steelheart(Tree’s mother), Firestorm(Spearton’s mother), Stormhand, Sebastian, Warfist(Amber’s father), Ironhand(Tree’s father), Stinger(Rawsk’s brother), Spearton, Hasbro, Jane(Amber’s mother)

Apprentices: Strike(Former Rogue), Jaw(Former Rogue), Amber, Tree

Medic: Rawsk



Leader: Riverstar(Eliezer)

Deputy/Medic: Streamlily(Nicole)

Generals: Silverwing(Formerly Silverstar)

Warriors: Tidefall(Steam’s father), Sunflower(Steam’s mother), Goldenwhisper, Windtree(Sword’s father), Flamesurge, Poppyseed, Vinewings, Aiden(Wolf’s father), Waterfall(Shark’s Uncle), Lemon(Wolf’s mother), Valleyheart, Dan, Beechshine

Apprentices: Shark, Steam, Wolf, Sword,



Leader: Orderstar(Aaron)(Basil’s Father),

Deputy: Shau

Generals/Seniors: Reagan(Basils Mother), Sydney(Alice’s mother), Natasha(Quan’s mother), Xandier, Zickhoss, Ward, Jenna

Warriors: Springer, Leslie, Jones, Carson, Vastin(Quan’s father), Hurtle(Jay’s father), Roder, Lightning(Quan’s uncle), Quan, Aurora(Sea’s mother),

Apprentices: Alice, Jay, Sea

Medic: Tiffany(Reagan’s sister)

Medic’s Apprentice: Basil



Leader: Bodstar(Austin)

Deputy: Alexander

Generals: Bavron, Micheal(Robin and Bubbles father), Hailstorm

Warriors: Tigerslash, Drysand, Cottonheart, Lilyflower(Robin and Bubbles mother) Islandbird, Talon, Jeffrey, Kennedy, Saw, Oxford, Axehand, Shamya, Genesis, Voltage

Apprentices: Robin, Chopper(Rogue who joined), Bubble

Medic: Healer



Leader: Roguestar(Maverick)(Sizzle’s father)

Deputy: Flame

Warriors: Power(Raw’s father), Nojk(Air’s uncle), Hacob, Melinda(Sizzle’s mother), Knifehand, Hammerslam, Darby, Gaige, Whirlpool

Apprentices: Ship(Rogue who joined), Air(Rogue who joined), Sizzle, Raw

Medic: Akemi



Leader: Jackstar

Deputy: Jasmine(Lava’s mother)

Generals: Kolheart, Angerknife, Abasi

Warriors: Cinder, Charcoal, Drizzle, Clubface, Doerun, Salmoneye, One

Apprentice: Lava, Wreck(Rogue who joined)

Medic: Wildlove(Wreck’s aunt)



Leader: Shinestar(Bricks and Gingers father)

Deputy: Moonflurry(Brick and Gingers mother)

Senior Warriors: Breezewhisper, Littleheart, Cloudmist, Acorntop, Seastripes, Walnutforest, Sweetberry(Bricks uncle), Softsand(Gingers mother)

Warriors: Minnowstem(Littlehearts brother), Stickfierce(Gingers father), Hillsmooth, Spiritwise(Rogue)

Apprentices: Messier, Dirt(Rogue), Brick, Ginger





Leader: Esteban

Co-Leader: Gray

Senior: Joanna, Wanda, Snow, Rock

Hunters: Cameron, Edmond, Rose, Moonfall, Rivershine, Heartfall, Max, Russel, Guam, Molly

Apprentices: Ezel, Nolan, North, Oak

Healer: Stonecrack




Leader: Jake

Co-Leader: Pine(Guns mother)

Senior: Mountain, Jeremiah(Dandelions father), Morgan(Ocelots father)

Tunnelers: Streambed, Sycamorefoot, Red, Alayna, Violet, King, Mudwort, Leafy(Guns father), Sweethoney(Dandelions mother)

Apprentices: Dandelion, Cow(Rogue), Ocelot, Gun

Wiseman: Heartfall



Emperor: Shadow

Keeper: Bone

Generals: Blade, Apple, Birch, Jade

Slicers: Yoyo, Almaz, Space, Ring, Boar, White, Barrier, Saz, Strike, Rock, Geo





Chapter 1 Prologue: Many years ago before the modern Clans existed there were Ancient Clans. Not the Ancient ThunderClan, Assassin's Rogues, Defenders, and Chaos Tribe but some others. They left their homes from the world outside Poc and settled in a land far away to stay hidden. It was a hard journey and many died trying to get across the deadly ocean. Their enemies searched for them but never were able to find them. These people got stronger and continued getting stronger and have so many numbers. They survived for so many and many years and never have been found. Now in the Sun Lands and the Star Nation the modern Clans have settled into their new homes. Riverstar has kept an eye on Basil of OrderClan since he remember the prophecy he was given from Sunstar before he died. Suddenly Basil has a vision and will need help from Riverstar. This vision has a secret that will be understood beyond their borders. Riverstar realizes that this secret could bring chaos and maybe hope. While the Clans are busy and old foe may come back to strike them once again and work with another old foe only 4 of them know.


Chapter 1

Part 1: The sky is shining bright and a figure is standing near the edge of a lake. Basil wonders what her life is going to be like in the future. Suddenly Tiffany arrives at the lake with Basil. "Basil I was looking all over for you Reagan was going crazy looking for you." Basil answers, "Sorry I was just looking for mushrooms for the new set of potions were going to make." Tiffany rolls her eyes, "Lets head back now Basil and make sure you don't wander off like this again." Suddenly a skeleton starts shooting arrows at them. Tiffany kills the skeleton swiftly and easily. "We better hurry if I had not arrived quickly maybe the mobs could have reached you." They arrive home to the head of OrderClan territory. Basil goes inside the Medic Hut and starts brewing potions. Basil feels like she has something more inside of her the visions the dreams  everything is trying to tell her something. Basil heads to sleep while Quan and Aurora guard the entrance into the capital. Basil dreams and she sees a figure standing next to a river. The figure speaks, "The river will guide you through your visions ask the river for advice." The figure disappears and Basil wakes up and sees it's midnight. The river could help her but what was the river was it a rogue. That was a question that could not be answered?


Part 2: Yelling can be heard in the air as the two people were fighting. The leader of RiverClan who was Riverstar was in the arena fighting Streamlily in a duel. Riverstar was having a mild struggle when the fight began but now he was getting the hang of it. Riverstar blocks Streamlily´s sword from hitting him. Suddenly he launches himself behind Streamlily and knocks the shield off her. Streamlily sends her wooden swords in flurries.  Riverstars sword is flown off his hand. Riverstar throws his shield down and Streamlily throws hers on the ground. Streamlily punches Riverstar and Riverstar gives a punch back at Streamlily. The crowd cheers as the 2 greatest members of RiverClan are fighting skillfully. Suddenly Riverstar knocks Streamlily down with 2 punches at the same time. Riverstar won the duel and the crowd cheers for both fighters. Streamlily congratulates, "Nice fight but I could´ve beat you with a sword if we had not dropped our weapons." Everyone heads back and Riverstar prepares to leave the arena and head back to camp. The Wood Rich Forest village was doing well and they had a good battle arena. RiverClan did not have to worry about SpartanClan and BodClan invading because the mountains made sure they could not invade. Even if they tried they would never get across the rivers that were really deep and chaotic. Only RiverClan knew how to get across and travel through them. Riverstar travels on his horse with Streamlily heading back to the camp. The village was near the camp so they did not need to stop and move and stop and move. They arrive back at the camp where Tidefall and Lemon are waiting for them. Riverstar greets them and they tell them who won the fight. Streamlily and Riverstar head inside the camp. 2 hours pass and night arrives. Silverwing heads back into her hut and sends her apprentice Steam back with his family. Riverstar goes to sleep without another sound in the camp being heard.


Part 3: Basil wakes up and notices it's Sunrise. She sees the camp starting to work. Shau is beginning to send out patrols and Basil goes off to see Tiffany. Tiffany is discussing with Reagan about something and they both walk out of camp. Basil follows secretly without them noticing her. Tiffany and Reagan walk into a clearing and Basil hears their conversation. “I feel like Basil is having strange things happening to her Reagan,” Tiffany begins, “I don't know what is with her but something's wrong.”

Reagan answers, “I don't know either sometimes I hear her talk in her sleep about weird stuff maybe something's wrong with her.” They both continue talking about her but Basil already knows the topic so she leaves.


6 hours later…


Basil notices that Tiffany is working with the potions in the chests and is organizing them.  Basil decides to tell Tiffany what is going on with her in her dreams. Tiffany and Basil have a conversation about her dreams and Tiffany figures out what the river is. Tiffany answers, “The person your looking for is in RiverClan but why and who exactly in RiverClan?” Basil tells Tiffany they need to travel to RiverClan and Tiffany says that Basil is not going alone.


Part 4: Riverstar looks around the camp everything is fine and well. Streamlily is organizing patrols and Riverstar looks around for Silverwing. Riverstar asks Streamlily if he saw Silverwing and she answers she saw her travel outside the camp. Riverstar goes outside the camp looking for Silverwing. An Enderman attacks him but he is able to kill it and it drops an ender pearl. He hears rustling is the trees and thinks Silverwing is in that direction. He leaps in only to find 3 people talking. He doesn't think he knows them until he realizes who they are. He jumps in at the same time and Silverwing jumps in also. He realizes the newcomers are Tiffany, Basil, and Natasha. He talks with them and tells them they will talk when they get back to camp.


Back at camp…


Basil discusses with Riverstar about a prophecy and she tells Riverstar her dream. Riverstar hesitates and remembers Sunstars words about Basil. There will be one who will give prophecies to the Clans from OrderClan and she will be the daughter of a leader and be trained as a medic. She will come to you for help and will help you find out a secret none of you ever knew. Riverstar decided to tell Basil she has a gift from the very beginning created by her ancestors and that she is supposed to get advice from him and he told her it came from StarClan. He tells her the exact prophecy Sunstar gave him and she is shocked. Silverwing and Streamlily who were 2 of the people who heard the prophecy Sunstar foretold, take a glimpse at Basil. Tiffany shudders when she realizes Basil has a power she never knew about. Finally Basil tells Riverstar her dreams she's had and she tells them they all feel connected. She tells him that her dreams were like a series of something and everytime she had a dream words repeat in her head. She’s the one! Help! Come to us! She tells the people in the Leader’s Hut that her dreams started with her flying over and ocean full of storms and later she reaches some mountains and she sees a valley with flowers and forests everywhere. She sees islands and everytime she has one of these dreams she sees people with more numbers that the Clans in the Star Nation and Sunlands but in different areas suddenly she stops speaking when Riverstar and Streamlily gasp.


Part 5: Tiffany wondered what was happening and why Riverstar and Streamlily gasped. Riverstar and Streamlily look at eachother and Streamlily answers, “Well our backstory has been kept a secret and we don't know if we should reveal it now since only a few know.” Tiffany asks, “What is your backstory tell us you can trust your words to us.” Tiffany sees that Riverstar and Streamlily a really nervous and she never saw them like this. Riverstar speaks, “It's a long story but we may know something that relates to Basil’s dreams long time ago,” he pauses then continues, “We will tell you our story but you need to listen closely.” Tiffany, Natasha, Silverwing, and Basil who are in the room nod. Riverstar begins, “Well i've never told anyone where I come from but i'm a half-clan,” The room gasps except Basil and Streamlily(who knew he was half-clan) “My mother's name was Mina and she was a great person in Defenders League, during a meeting of the Clans she met Mubalit and they both fell in love, the decided to meet secretly but those were the rules we could not fall in love with people in other Clans, they kept on meeting secretly until I was born, when I was born and no one knew Mubalit wanted Mina to run away with him without the child, Mina denied and said she would take care of the child, Mubalit got into rage and slapped Mina. Mina took me away and when she camp to camp with me she said she found me in the woods lost and abandoned. They kept me for many years until Assassin's Rogues my fathers Clan attacked Defenders my mothers Clan, he kidnapped me when I was in my teen’s and knocked me out and left me in a river to wash away and die. Thankfully Nicole, Richard, and Yam people of the ThunderClan of that time found me. They knew who I was since 2 members of ThunderClan who were Vernon and Dylan overheard Mina and Mubalit talking about me. They realized I had forgotten my past and they raised me in ThunderClan. I thought I would live a happy life until bad things came to happen.”


Part 6: The room listens to Riverstar finishing his last word happen and finally Streamlily speaks, “As most of you know my former name was Nicole and I was on patrol when we found Riverstar who was Eliezer back then, to continue with Eliezer we became good friends after we found him, he asked me a lot of questions and we also became friends with Jake. We were a trio before Esteban joined us but I gave Eliezer and Jake a diamond sword each to use wisely. Eliezer became a soldier later and was trained by the deputy Jackson the best fighter in the Clan. My mentor was Richard one of the Generals of the Clan, suddenly strange stuff kept on happening, there were 2 rogues who were spotted by our clanmates but when me and 2 others attacked them a diamond armored rogue with skills we never saw attacked us and drove the 3 of us out. Those 2 rogues we tried to attack were Scarlet and Star and their rescuer was Kian. Later Assassin's Rogues declared war on us and attacked us. Kian who was Konstantin back then killed Vernon one of our Generals and Kian ran off. Yam got so angry seeing our camp destroyed and the annual Great Storm began. It set the forest on fire and Yam decided that ThunderClan would attack Assassin's Rogues with their last strength they had. Everyone ate well and was armored even our lowest ranks like farmers and miners. We met Esteban when Assassin's Rogues attacked us and he helped us and decided to join ThunderClan. We attacked fiercely and won the battle but lost many of our soldiers. Eliezer learned while fighting Mubalit about his origins. Eliezer saved Jake from being killed by Mubalit, Yam kills Assassin and after that strange things happened. Kian built up a strong Clan of his own and recruited Scarlet and Star. He attacked Chaos Tribe and destroyed that Clan. Defenders and ThunderClan tried to team up to drive them out but they overthrew us driving us out. When Yam was dying me, Eliezer, Esteban, and Jake heard his last words. Rebuild our Clans and find the darkness that will engulf us and survive that is why we rescued you Riverstar find the Star’s and the Sun and find the lost Clans. We were so confused on why he said Riverstar and us 4 well we couldn't stick together for long. We sheltered in a cave for 3 months until we decided to part our ways. Eliezer wanted to continue going North but me, Jake, and Esteban wanted to go South to find a good place to stay and be safe. We begged Eliezer to come with us but he told us goodbye and gave us an iron sword each to remember him with. We still have them today right now see. Eliezer joined a Clan called Yolo lead by Tuo who is now leader of ThunderClan and his name is Thunderstar. Eliezer became split up with Tuo and lost him, but I was in Revolution with Jake in the same land we shared with Council lead by Esteban. We thrived until Shadow leading a horde of rogues took over. Eliezer tried to rebuild Yolo but he had to kill some of his own member who were working for GHE. He left them and abandoned Silverstar who is now Silverwing. He joined DK lead by Austin or J-Dog and DK mean’t Dark Knights but later GHE attacked and killed some of his members like Estefania who followed Eliezer from Yolo to the death. Eliezer visited us when he found where we lived and saved him from Fire Dwellers but later we had to leave after Shadow attacked us with him. Estefania was later revived but killed again during the Grand Battle but Eliezer and Silverstar stayed in their base and they destroyed GHE by doing a revolution against them which Eliezer created. Then TA formed lead by Vitaly Pope and Eliezer and Silverstar joined XUOTUX which is Union of Undying lead by Austin until he left and left Sushi in charge. Many Clans formed and XUOTUX gained many names until Eliezer named it ThunderClan. They later left and formed RiverClan which you are in it's camp right now. We later retreated and found StarClan and they told us they came from a far land somewhere beyond these lands across an ocean and when Sunstar was in his last days he told Eliezer now Riverstar to find his ancestors who lived far away and bring Riverstar’s Clans to the Star Nation and the Sun Lands.”


Part 7: “So this prophecy is really old and existed probably in ancient times.” Basil questions. Riverstar answers, “Yes it is so that means there is probably Clans that we never heard about out there,” he continues, “We have to find them maybe they can help us achieve peace and harmony before our Clans break down.” Tiffany asks, “Maybe Shinestar knows something about this maybe we should travel to StarClan and find more information about this new prophecy.” Natasha agrees, “Yes good idea we should travel to StarClan.” Natasha’s blue eyes shine with happiness. Silverwing frowns, “We don't even know where we will be heading if were trying to find the Lost Clans, what makes you think StarClan will help us.” Riverstar answers, “The 4 Ancient Clans that we were in are related to these Lost Clans so there must be something left of these Clans in StarClan.” Everyone agreed to head for StarClan after that and so the group left the Leader’s Hut but sees Tidefall and Sunflower yelling at the camp guards Defend! Defend! Mobs! DEFEND! Basil asks Tidefall what's going on, “Too many mobs we had to send our patrol back into camp to defend hopefully our temporary village we have survived if there is a horde of mobs also going there.” Suddenly spiders start entering the camp one is heading after Basil and Tidefall is fighting  The 6 iron golems of RiverClan are suffering an onslaught while 20 wolves head off to defend the villagers of RiverClan. There were 7 people who lived in the camp and the rest lived outside in other areas of RiverClan. Tiffany knocks a spider off her back while Riverstar is throwing poison splash potions at the spiders to weaken them. Tidefall, Sunflower, Shark, Silverwing, Streamlily, and Steam are fighting the spiders along with the wolves and iron golems. The spiders are all killed and Riverstar orders 3 guards to guard the entrance. The next day Basil wakes up and sees that Tiffany is looking at her. “It's time to start our journey Special One so wake up we gotta go to StarClan.”


Part 8: Reagan looks around the camp walls. Everything was fine nothing was wrong except zombies howling outside the camp walls. Sydney and her patrol of Jenna, Jay, and Leslie enter the camp. 2 guards let them enter quickly and hold off the mobs outside trying to get them. Reagan watches as they enter but Sydney was shaking and frightened. She yells, “Where's Orderstar where is he it's an emergency wheres Shau they need to know!!!” The camp starts waking up from Sydney’s yelling. Reagan tells her, “Calm down get your words together just calmly tell me what's going on Orderstar and Shau are at the Farm Village. Sydney tells her, “He's here he is alive he is after you.” Reagan is confused and asks again, “What are you talking about are you crazy or did you have a nightmare.” Jenna walks up, “She started acting crazy when we returned back to camp she said he was back he was going to kill us.” Suddenly an arrow whistles next to Reagan to the ground. Reagan yells at the camp, “Take cover find shelter and get ready for a defense!” Automatically the camp guards Jones and Alice grab their swords and head for the towers. Suddenly out of nowhere 4 rogues leap into the camp with 30 dogs. There were too many intruders everywhere and 4 of the dogs leaped at Reagan. She couldn't hold them off and her helmet of diamond breaks and her boots. Suddenly her 5 dogs leap at her attackers. The dogs fight each other and Reagan gets away. The camp was flooded with fighting and chaos. The apprentices were fighting bigger and stronger enemies and Reagan saw one of the soldiers of OrderClan dead on the ground. She looked at it and it was Shau. Suddenly she hears Orderstar’s voice she runs to it while the camp was flooded with battle cries and screaming. Villagers they had were being infected by zombies. The iron golems were so busy some of the camp had to protect the villagers. Suddenly she watches Orderstar on the ground dying. She runs up to Orderstar and with a faint whisper says, “Aaron my Romeo don't leave me.” Aaron grabs her hand and replies, “Reagan my Juliet goodbye my time here is over.” He lets his last breath leave him. Suddenly a shadow looms over her. “Well he was worthless it's good he is dead Reagan,” The shadow gets closer, “Reagan it's over he's dead now so is Shau.” The shadow gets closer and puts his sword on Reagan’s neck. “Will you surrender or will you die like those useless other people, either way we already won and taken over your camp but I don't care if I have to take more lives traitor.” Reagan looks around and looks in disbelief and tears. It was Andres back from the dead again.


Part 9: The clanging of swords could be heard in the camp. Out of nowhere a figure leaps at Roguestar. Roguestar dashes out of the way and the figure fires and arrow at Roguestar that misses. Roguestar saw the camp screeching and fighting as the rogues entered the camp. Flame was fighting 2 rogues who overpowered him. Suddenly Roguestar’s opponent leaps at him. Roguestar dodges but suddenly another rogue barges into him.  Roguestar is pinned to the wall and suddenly a face looks at him. “Remember me Roguestar or should I say Maverick!.” Roguestar looks up and he couldn't believe it. It was Shadow his old enemy. Roguestar leaps and barges into Shadow. Shadow knocks him down but suddenly Melinda knocks Shadow away. Roguestar tries to help but 2 rogues attack him. Shadow yells, “Kill Roguestar Strike and Geo. Geo leaps at Roguestar first but Roguestar’s dagger is thrown off him. Strike leaps at Roguestar but Roguestar kicks him and punches Geo. Geo gets up and lights up a TNT. Roguestar knocks Geo into it while Strike runs off. The TNT goes off and Geo dies exploding with it. Roguestar leaps after Strike but Flame gets him first. Suddenly Roguestar sees Shadow pointing a sword at Sizzle but Sizzle is cornered with no weapon or anything to protect him. Roguestar leaps in but Shadow stabs Sizzle. Sizzle starts gurgling blood and dies. Roguestar rages and leaps at Shadow. Shadow gives him a massive blow with a fist into the face. Roguestar is pushed back but Shadow has a sword ready to strike at Roguestar’s chest but soon Akemi gets in the middle and the sword goes through his chest. Akemi whispers to Roguestar, “Get out of here go to the Lands of the Stars.” Akemi dies and Roguestar knocks Shadow off his feet and Roguestar yells, “RETREAT! RUN AWAY!” The camp retreats and the rogues are heard yelling victory but Roguestar looks behind him and sees Shadow eyeing him evilly.


Part 10: Yam watches as Riverstar and his companions are beginning their travel to StarClan. Yam smiles at Riverstar even though Riverstar cant see him. Suddenly out of nowhere a figure leaps at Yam, “Sorry to disturb you Yam but-” Yam cuts the figure out of her speech, “Star I know what your trying to say yes I already know Assassin has escaped,” He sighs, “He found a way to get out of where he belonged in the Fallen Warrior area.” Star stares at Yam, “How did you know?” Yam answers, “Wasn’t he supposed to escape it was part of the prophecy eh?” Star nods and 6 more figures join them, “Sunstar, Sushi, Hassan, Angel and Clawface welcome.” Clawface yells, “Today I saw my Clan be attacked and defeated and driven out of their home.” Sunstar replies, “Clawface you do know they already knew the risks of staying in the Dark Continent now they will soon return to the other Clans.” Clawface argues, “They got defeated by rogues lead by Shadow!.” Angel yells, “My Clan had to evacuate their home and go to a beach exposed to mobs!” Sushi exclaims, “Scarlet and Karen what are you doing here?” Scarlet answers, “We are here because we want to help you even though we knew we were wronged when we joined TA and The Plague and DarkFallers.” Karen answers, “I'm sorry for joining DarkFallers and betraying you and trying to make up for it by trying to kill Shadow.” Yam answers, “We forgive you but now we have a prophecy to complete, we must guide these people on their way to StarClan and later the Lost Clans.” Sunstar adds, “Lets hope that Streamlily can protect RiverClan while Riverstar is gone.” Yam looks down at Basil, “I know that we never made the wrong choice by choosing her.”


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SORRY THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE SCRIPT. When it mentions Mina was in Defenders League it meant Defenders Clan

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Srry eliezer but i don't like the warrior cats books and this isnt really my type of scene. Its not bad though keep up the good work