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Please fix the pictures for the spawns they always seem to lead to the wrong spawns and are very mixed up It's very hard to find the right spawn zone when they aren't actually showing where your going. Almost all the spawns in multiplayer gamemodes do this: creative multiplayer, local,multiplayer survival. They all need the correct pictures or thumnails for the icons that sow what spawn they are. Im not sure if this is just a mobile issue I am aware that mobile and desktop spawn map's work differently but I found this on of the only bug's people never talk about that have been here for atleast over 2 year's. Admins please check to see if this glitch happnes on other devices too and if so please try to fix it or tell me if it's supposed to do that. I know reframing all the spawn zone pictures in survival multiplayer may take a long time but If you can't do those could atleast just fix the ones for local mode so I can choose the right map for builing. Thank You!




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Yeah, I've seen it before, some of the spawnzone thumbnails don't match up with the actual biome which makes it pretty misleading.