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I crafted 3 dimond shovels and went to get ALOT of dirt for my base (don't ask) but when I hit the grass it turned into mycelium seriously go into craetive and grab the light brown grass block apernitnly it's mycelium. Also I've noticed that THER is a "Grass level" it's kinduve like sea level but aperantly grass can only grow at specific y cordinents. Admins plz fix this I want grass under ground and in the sky. (Again don't ask)

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Mycelium? Shouldn't a shovel turn it into packed dirt, like minecraft?

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Thank you for the reply! But this is not a bug and this is not mycelium block, this is grass path, that can be use as a decorative block.

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pocadmin,yeah it's on mine craft that's how I knew it was n it a bug