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Why is red sand turning into regular sand when you dig it up??

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I noticed this too... maybe this Bug is happening because they working on adding the Mesa Redsand Biome but i dont think so... But first they should work on improving and adding ways to get better Redsand/Sand Blocks! 3 Redsand Blocks are just in creative so i will be happy if they add them too to Survial Multiplayer! More about it here:https://poc.solverlabs.com/content/request-adding-ways-get-other-redsand...

This Redsand Blocks arent in Survial Multiplayer:

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We need an Crafting Recipe for the Redsandstair on Workbench and for the Redsand/Sand chiselted Block!(This with the insect)

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Same with the yellow flowers I can't get any yellow dye anymore because yellow flowers turn into those red flowers when I dig them up. It's weird and broken. There are also other glitches that make items display the wrong particles when your breaking them like how carrots display slime block particles when broken,potatoes display lava particles when broken,torches display tnt particles when broken and a few others I have yet to find. Those are kinda tiny glitches their are bigger more annoying glitches like the silent mobs that make no SOUNDS when you pull up a chat or any kind of menu and the farmland glitch that makes sword farmland dry up everywhere except one random line. They need to focus on those glitches too.  And also the glitch where lucky blocks don't drop anything a lot but I don't know if that's a glitch or on purpose.

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ALITTARY, It give too an Bug with the Luckyblocks that you break one and it drop nothing! Idk i have got this Bug since 2018 and maybe it isnt fixed yet i got it 1 month ago before the new Update

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Times like these make me greatful that I avoided playing PoC at all for the last half year.