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The Lich
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I think we need another moderator or admin on the forums and on-game. It could help report inappropriate players and increase activity in the community, by hosting events and competitions. He/she could also take suggestions from the players and tell developers.

Maybe you could hire one, or pick a player from the community.

BlueTangs Rock3
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Indeed there needs to be more than a single admin in the WoC community at the same time (as it seems like their history with admins is that after one retires, quits, or gets fired, a new one takes their place, but it's still only that one admin).


Sure, Solverlabs is supposedly a "small group" as of 2016 or whenever that was said, but Solverlabs also made tons of money off of all the games they've made, especially their big and ex-big games such as Planet of Cubes, Poker Texas Holdup(I think that's the name?), and World of Cubes, and with that money I'm sure they can do something to big a slightly bigger staff, or to increase the amount of admins we have on the forums at a given time.


It's by time we get this lonely admin some help and get some of that weight off their shoulders.

The Lich
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BlueTangs Rock3, or just ilke, hire someone from the community itself.

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you won't be one for sure %10.000 , admin can get special apk with unlimited coins diamonds and elytra and can send people items via their name or mail system idk