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​​​​​​WHAT HAPPENED TO some of our potions?

Some potions are weird and don't show up the way they used too I'm not sure if the admins forgot the skin for the

slowness2 potion or it s coding has been altered but for some reason it shows up as a n update game block now I have pictures it's the slowness 2 portion and the slowness 2 splash potion In these pictures I am using splash potions.

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Probably a texture bug.

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Andre-YT, Hopefully they come this seems like it could have a really easy fix maybe I should report this glitch on the bugs topic instead of survival discussion maybe that's why they haven't heard.

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ALITTARYBUILDERALAN, Please choose correct sections with a such problem - "Bug Report" in the future. Please send us more information on what game version and platform you have used. Also, tell us what model of device do you use to play the game? Do you have good internet connection or wifi? We would love to help you!

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Andre-YT, Lol

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Yep its a bug bc I don’t have this problem 

Game Tester
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Can you tell me more about your suituation?

Did you update your game recently?

Which platform and version of game client do you use?

I need more information to fix this problem because I can't reproduce it.

Waiting for your answers, buddy! wink

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Game Tester, wtf a new active admin?!?! :v