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Dear players, we are going to add new texture packs to the game! Please VOTE for your favorite texture packs here

Texture packs with more votes will be added to the game! 

Also you can write us your votes to the Poll in the comments below: 

What kind of NEW Texture Packs would you like to see in the game?

1 - Fallout Texture Pack
2 - Cartoon Texture Pack
3 - Modern Texture Pack
4 - Super Mario Texture Pack
5 - Technology Texture Pack
6 - Christmas Texture Pack
7 - FNAF Texture Pack
8 - Retro NES Texture Pack
9 - Simplistic Texture Pack
10 - Tron Texture Pack
11 - Another Texture Pack which is not available on the list above: _______!

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Fallout Pack would be awesome :)

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Definatly fallout. Add to the wasteland feel.

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towsey, i love the fallout series u?

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