Planet of Cubes with v.1.5 now available on Google Play!

Good news for all holders of android devices, now you can get a new version of global game - Planet of Cubes - v.1.5! 

Follow this link to download FREE Planet of Cubes v.1.5 on GooglePlay:

Here's the list of changes:

- Added ability to login with a Facebook to the game
- Added ability to share game screenshots on your Facebook page. Use new photo camera button for this.
- Added ability to record videos in the game using Everyplay service. Record and post videos using the new video camera button.
- Added customizable chat history window! Now you can re-size chat history window!
- View Distance range can now be changed during the game!
- Major networking and 3D rendering performance optimization


Check Detailed list with screenshots to Planet of Cubes v.1.5 by clicking Here.

Watch Planet of Cubes Gameplay Overview to v.1.5 on the video below!

Download FREE Planet of Cubes v.1.5 on Google Play: 


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Candy01 Fri, 2015-03-27 11:34

OMG! I love it!