Planet of Cubes updated to v2.1.5 on Apple App Store!

Hey all! New update of the game now available to download from Apple App Store here:

Planet of Cubes : Multi Craft updated with minor fixes and improvements to the previous HUGE update to the version 2.0: we have added new icon, updated colors of the remaining rental time for better visuals in the “MY CHUNKS” windows, updated color of the Spawn Zones in the “RENT CHUNKS” window from Red to Purple! This version can now work with both 256 cubes height and 128 cubes height Planet of Cubes (we will soon release new Planet(s) with 128 cubes height for faster 3D rendering and networking performance! Now you are proposed to buy exact amount of missing coins to rent selected chunks! Fixed bugs with empty “MY CHUNKS” list window! Various UI fixes and improvements!

Guys for those who hasn't tried Renting Chunks, we really recommend you to try this new feature! Renting Chunks allow you to protect your creations from griefing and other players, from disappearing from the Planet during the period of Rent. Renew rent in time! Save your creations and develop it! Soon we will add Friends List, and the possibility to invite friends to build together on your rented territory! Stay tuned! More awesome updates are coming!

Watch Planet of Cubes Promo Video below or on YouTube by this link:

Screenshots to v2.1.5 (show Chunks Rentals):

Download Planet of Cubes v2.1.5 from Apple App Store here: