Planet of Cubes updated to v.1.5 on Apple! Get it now!

Hello everybody! We have updated Planet of Cubes to version 1.5 on Apple! Get new version of the game by this link: 

Planet of Cubes is a MMO online massive multiplayer block-building sandbox game with a large unlimited world shared among huge amount of players worldwide! Great game for kids and adults of all ages and any culture! 

The game has an unlimited space for your fantasy and your creations!

Build skyscrapers, buildings, villages, tree houses, parkour, mosques, churches, ships, ufo, temples… anything and everything from your imagination alone or with random players and friends!

Explore truly endless planet made from blocks!  Fly to your next location or save tons of travel time by teleporting to any place on the planet using Map and Coordinates! Teleport to any player on the Planet just by clicking on his name in the Chat window or in the Players List window! The game has compass and current coordinates display to make navigation through the endless infinite world easier. 

Chat with colorful messages, meet new friends and play together!

Join the community of millions players worldwide!


- One global infinite Planet made of cubes available to all users across the world
- Unlimited amount of players worldwide
- Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore
- Global Chat is available!
- 90+ block types to build anything you like
- 20+ player skins to choose
- Great HD graphics
- All of your changes have a lifetime to them or a Time to Live
- Works over Wi-Fi and 3G
- No need to setup and/or host a server
- No subscription or additional fees required 
- Unlimited use

Check Detailed list with screenshots to Planet of Cubes v.1.5 by clicking Here.

Here's the list of changes from v.1.4 to v.1.5:

- Added ability to login with a Facebook to the game
- Added ability to share game screenshots on your Facebook page. Use new photo camera button for this.
- Added ability to record videos in the game using Everyplay service. Record and post videos using the new video camera button.
- Added customizable chat history window! Now you can re-size chat history window!
- View Distance range can now be changed during the game!
- Major networking and 3D rendering performance optimization

Download new version of the game by this link: