Planet of Cubes updated to v.1.3 on iTunes! Hot features and Teleportation!

We have just received the approval from Apple! Finally Planet of Cubes updated to version 1.3! You are able to discover Map of the Planet, Teleportation and other cool hot features!

Upgrade your apple devices to new version 1.3 by clicking below

Here’s the list of changes from version 1.2.2 to version 1.3 (if you don't know how to use any of features write us via or to our Forum): 

- Added map of the Planet with ability to select any place to teleport to using pin
- The map of the Planet supports pinch to zoom and scrolling with your fingers
- Added ability to teleport to any place on the planet using Coordinates button at the top of the screen / HUD
- Added ability to teleport to any player using its name. Just click on the “Player Teleport” button near the Coordinates display at the top of the screen
- Click on the player’s name in the chat to teleport to him
- Added ability to change the color of your chat messages
- 3D Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes

Watch Planet of Cubes game review to version 1.3 below:

Check Detailed list with screenshots to v.1.3 by clicking Here.

The ultimate goal of this game is Online Multiplayer Survival with UNLIMITED amount of players worldwide on the INFINITE Planet made of cubes and blocks. We are working on this goal hard these days. Stay tuned for the new exciting update coming soon!