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I've Tried updating Planet Craft on my Phones and Tablet from Google Play Store but it says Dupilicate authority or unable to install "and gives me trouble shoot"


If I tap it, it tells me to have better wifi connection or use data... or to go to Google play store settings and clear cache and delete data... or restart Device.... 


I'e done all 3 steps on all devices but my Planet Craft won' update.... all my 4 accounts of "Planet of Cubes have updated okay." I have linked 2 accounts with Email@ uninstalled game and reinstalled and signed back in and all my stuff was there, friendslist and skins and scrolls... I have moved all my Diamonds, Enchated Apples, gold and Iron and a emergancy 64 Or 30 of potion ingredients or food other stuff just in case. My 3rd Email something went wrong and I lost all my friends and scrolls and coins and jabe annoying adverts again. poc master was unable to help there lol. Lucky I had no items on or anything in that private chest... 


Any advice on Plant Craft? I Play on that version more then Cubes 

J-Dog HU
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The problem with Planet Craft is that when it updates it will be about 2 or 3 weeks b4 it works well, and its laggier

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Thanks 4 that. I have always noticed that trend... will wait then. I started with "planet craft" I got cubes later on.