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I have seen that on the poll the Peaceful Mode idea has the most controversy- it is fairly equal in yes/no votes currently and I had an interesting, random idea- Peaceful Mode potions.

What if you could brew a potion that gave the player Peaceful mode for 10 minutes, meaning nothing could attack them and they could not attack anything else (other than peaceful mobs used for food). It would be unable to use in battle mode of course, that would be unfair, but yeah! I think it would be pretty cool. The only problem- though I'm not sure all of you will consider it a problem, is that potions are fairly tricky to brew for newer players, but this would help them experience the game and the struggle to survive better. If you just had a Peaceful Mode option in the settings, even if it had time limits and such, players would likely continue turning it on again and again, whereas if you had to brew a potion new players would become stronger and learn more about how the game works and such.

Please comment any more ideas about how Peaceful Mode should work.

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That defeats the purpose of survival, you're supposed to SURVIVE. If that the case everyone could just make a ton of potions and just use potions everyday. That would make the game boring, you're supposed to struggle through the game. If you want peaceful mode then join creative or make a private map with your friends.

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Danny,you have a good point there

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Danny, True that

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Danny, True. I didn't really want Peaceful mode anyway, this was just an alternative idea

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Would be better if they just made a secondary Global Survival server based on Peaceful mode, and also keep the current server as the normal PvP one.

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Even as much as I dislike jdog, i have to agree.

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