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maybe later
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I can get used to the player models now, but the running and standing animations are really weird. Also there's a problem with the new models. Before if someone is in my way when im building I can still place a block, but now if someone is in my way when I'm building, I can't place a block. Even if someone is standing on the very edge, not even on the place im trying to build, only slightly in the way, it won't let me place a block, all I can do is ask them to move and if they don't I either have to keep dropping anvils on them everytime they get in the way or close the map where up to 100 people are there, because one or two people are in the way.

Gabriel N
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I kindle don't like this either,cause on survival multiplayer,and I'm about to die,I pour lava on me and the one that's about to kill me,but now after the update,I can't pour lava where someone is standing,so instead,I need to dig up and then pour lava.