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I think its time that someone tell me where the new apple temples are :c

BlueTangs Rock3
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Since all biomes in PoC Survival Multiplayer's server are composed of 20 biome templates that are 24×25 coordinates wide, a specific template biome will have the same structure, terrain, and resource locations as another duplicate of the same biome template, and repeat infinitely throughout the server's world, there's in theory an infinite number of apple temples on the server.


If you already know the location of one apple temple, try to find the biome template's spawnzone,

you could even study on the surrounding natural terrain such as certain hills, lakes, or structures,

then identify the direction of the temple, and do the math on how far away the apple temple is from the spawnzone,

then find a newly discovered biome of the same biome template/spawnzone/natural terrain features, or go to undiscovered biomes of the same type(identified the grayed out areas in the portal teleportation screen), and then look for the apple temple there.

Hopefully this helps.

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BlueTangs Rock3,it doesn't. I'm talking about the new structure of the apple temple. The old one that is in a hill does not work anymore.

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As a temple expert myself and being the guy who has basically found all the new temples and sold them to people for low prices I'll tell you that certain temples don't spawn above 1k:1k and other temples spawn all the way up to 2k:2k

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not all modz ;3


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Definitely not lol bc i found a new structure that only a few ppl know about lol