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Hello everybody,

i can't not to share a picture of the amazing house that i have randomly found in Survival Multiplayer! 

The house has build with decorations and fontains, also it looks cool inside. As for me this is the most beautiful house from Survival Multiplayer that i saw in Survival Multiplayer for this moment. 

Author: unknown!

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Kindove afraid to build anything above ground with tnt coming soon

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Hyeenadon, yes, tnt exploading will be added to the game soon, as its one of the most desired feature. 

HoS MinerGIRL C... (not verified)
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pocadmin, maybe if it's similar enough to Minecraft tnt I'll make some tnt cannons outside someone's base to fire at em from a distance if we are having a war!! No intention to hurt peoples felling though just like a friendly competition between two groups maybe?


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BHC MinerBoy Commander, great idea...why not! We can do anything and everything by our imagination in Planet of Cubes :)