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Hey guys it's me bloc guy aka your god damn youtuber name Jøhñ Rūbïk RêVēÑgÉ 


So I'll be offline for 3 months and it will start 14 of march and I'll be back for 14 of June and I got some last words for my friends before I'm gone you guys can follow me on insInstag or add me in messenger so I can add you in a group who plays poc group name is " The Best Fighters In Poc " and I can also be online on kik witch you can chat with me , play games with me in Pixel gun 3d , clash of clans ( my game is not responding that sucks :/ ) and clash of clans with my good friend name andre-YT and don't forget to sub to his channel and I got last words before I'm gone 

Words for Kian : you have been the best leader of GHE and you have been a great friend 

Words for mighty : well we have been fighting really good but as they say " 1 has got save the world by dying 

Words for Jackson and instulius : instulius my old friend we have been doing loots of stuff on poc and we are BFF'S but I'm afrade to say that were now enemy's and Jackson you have been a great friend but I'm not betraying you but only instulius 

World's for my clan name The Leaders clan : hey guys it's me bloc guy so yea I will do a leadership of making hassam the leader of TL until I come back and don't worry I'll be back 

Words for TheEnchantedSilver General TL , my bff Hassam - YT , kinGaming-YT and Malo : silver you think your stronger than me but you will be wrong , my bff Hassam I will make you the leader of TL and you got the control of the clan but I will be leader again when I come back don't worry my bff , hey kin when I come back let's do a video of you Vs me friendly PvP but I'll miss you kinGaming-YT ;) and Malo I will now fully promote you to the TL general 

Words for Karen and MODZ :  Karen I seen your YouTube channel and I love your building ;) and modz you've been funny all the time but IM STILL YO DADDY :D

and finally the 2 girls Liz and Gabby : you girls silver told me that I love you but really I don't :/ so don't say anything about it


So yea guys and I have my last words for you all 

Goodbye and I'll miss you guys 

But not rany , Leader of dragons aka leader of trash and night killer :D

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XD done

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Huh, I am so clueless to all the people here

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Lil brat goodbye be back with some respect of ur parents and good manners.

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ΔδαякεsтsσυℓΔ, saids the one who never learns some manners and respect my parents but I hope my parents are reading this but this is all the lost and things that 666 aka Syed Zahid Mehmood !!!

1 : have you ever I do respect my own parents but have you respect your own parents?

2 : in messenger you keep telling Andre- YT and me to "F" off and when I tried to speak you keep saying stfu meaning shut the **** up 

3 : because you keep saying in messenger than you always say "F" off or "stfu" , well what's wrong with saying ( John please don't me annoying for once ) INSTEAD U HAVE NO MANNERS AND ALL U JUST SAID IS "STFU" and telling me , Hassam and andre- YT to "F" off now instead of me learning manners how about you learnt some manners Syed Zahid Mehmood 

4: well I guess that's all but I don't mind u calling me little brat cause even I'm in that 13th year u can still call me little brat cause I am small :/


So I hope my parents are reading this cause they would love to see what I just said about before