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I have this problem in my base the ore respawns and my base looks trashy (now my base isn't even half finished so everything is trashy their is no organization) is their a way to make the ores not re spawn without haven't blocks on top of where the ore respawns?

maybe later
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I think the only way to stop them from respawning is if you place a block where they are but that won't look right in a base, you're just gonna have to keep mining them i think lol.

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Daaaaaaang itttt

Gabriel N
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I have this problem too,I have less trespassing in the air,in my base.just maybe,make a lamp there.fence hanging from ceiling and glowstone under it,and cover it up with trapdoors

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There is a way to fix it, place string where the ores spawn

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But then I see the string out of the "corner" of my eye and it annoys me and it looks weird on top of carpet or in the middle of the air