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iOS Users we have amazing news for you! Best online survival and creative game updated to v3.2 on Apple Store for FREE! In the new version of the game - 3.2 - you will access to the tons of new cool features: tnt exploding, bows and arrows, snowball, wearing pumpkin on the head, brewing potions with negative and possitive effects, mobs breeding and feeding, new blocks and items recipes, new food recipes: beetroot soup, golden carrot and much more features that will satisfy all your survival and creative needs!

Update or Download Planet of Cubes with v3.2 from Apple Store!


Dear players, you can play Online Survival or Creative Games alone or you can unite with players from all over the world to play together! We recommend you to create your own survival clan to unite with other players by using our Forum, or join one of the three biggest clans by writing to the clan's leader here. Its more fun to play and try new features with team, please check it out! 

Below you can watch Planet of Cubes Promo Video to v3.2:

Screenshots from v3.2: 

We hope that you like the new update with v3.2, please give us a feedback in the comments below. 

Update or Download Planet of Cubes with v3.2 from Apple Store!



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Sure sounds just like mc


I love this update! yes