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Hello players!

Here is the main gameplay rules in Planet of Cubes:

1. Spawn Zone: You start your first game in Spawn Zone!
1.1. You cannot build in Spawn Zone! When you are there the TTL indicator displays 0.
1.2. Spawn Zone can be enlarge automatically depending on the amount of players online!
1.3. To build something be sure to leave Spawn Zone (TTL indicator is not 0).

2. TTL indicator : each block has its lifetime! We want to stop messy worlds!
2.1. When you put or remove block this change would be rolled back after some period of time (TTL or Time To Live).
2.2. The father you are from the Spawn Zone, the longer your changes will last!
2.3. Check TTL indicator for avarage lifetime of each change!

3. Chat: you  can send and receive chat messages from other players that are located in your view range!
3.1. You can increase your View Range in View Distance setting in Option Menu from 1 to 6.

We are going to add possibility to purchase some parts of the Planet. The owner will own the purchased parts and will be able to build anything he wants for unlimited period of time and this changes will be not deleted.   

For additional help, please write us via poc.support@solverlabs.com!

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okay. i hate when my buildings disappeared....angry

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You can build in the place where TTL value is higher, so your creations will last more longer on the planet! 

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