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Hey Readers and Admin :)

In the new Update we have finally the Quarz Block and Redstone Comperator(single Player) in Workbench!

I wanna know how to get Quarz for crafting this Blocks! Maybe Mobs dropping it?

Btw thanks Admin for hearing my Suggestion about adding an Way to get the Quarz blocks! But pls bring too the other Quarzblocks in Workbench!

Here are Pictures about new Workbench Recipes with Quarz as Proof:

Jared Da Goat
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Yep don't have sadly but nice Andre  we don't know where we would have been if u werent here 

BlueTangs Rock3
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Probably a developer oversight, where they have the quartz item in the code but is ultimately unused as of yet, like beds.

Unless they added a last-minute placeholder mob drop, Creative mode is the only way to obtain quartz.

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Hey, you can get quartz from killing Enderman.


Have a nice day!

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POCAdmin1, Oke thanks for the answer! I will hunt endermans for the new Design and some quarzblocks :) Btw i found your Anvil Chest in your last Video and will give it away to my Fans soon!

Gabriel Nichols
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You can get them from killing mobs.there is a small chance of getting them from all bad mobs