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Hey guys!

Now you can craft tipped arrows with different effects!

To do it, please follow these steps:

1. Craft Cauldron

2. Brew Potions

3. Pour potion into cauldron

4. Soak arrows in a potions


Below you can watch a tutorial video about How to Craft Tipped Arows with Effects:

We hope that you like this new feature, use it, and tell us your feedback in the comments below!
Craft and Use Tipped Arrows Now wink

Download the Game, if you haven't done it yet!




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Last Death
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I have V4.1 and I am still glitched all my HUD bars like health, food and armor have blended together making hard to decipher I also can’t change my armour or open chests or private chests

Last Death
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LastDeath,I play on the amazon platform

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LastDeath, I've found there is no fix and you have to reinstall or delete data :/


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3 potions = 63 arrows?

Ok better start getting supplies ._.