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Gabriel N
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Ok,I've used this bug for a long time,it's a good bug but I'm gonna tell the forum.when I'm at a super high place,there's a trick I use to get down.I jump.and I die.-no I dont.I jump down,when I'm in the air,I go to main menu.I wait a few seconds,go to the same place I was at,and I'm on the ground that was right under me.not a heart was taken.

BlueTangs Rock3
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I think MineCraft has this as well, you can fall from a high place, and just before you hit the ground you exit the game, rejoin the game, and you won't take damage depending on how far you were above the ground before you left.

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BlueTangs Rock3, correct but doesn't it only work in single player? Also their used to be a glitch in poc were you could hold down the jump button while falling and not take damage because the game read you as jumping (their was an estimated 85.6% chance of not taking damage (I did the math)) so you wouldn't take damage most of the time I used that glitch to get out of my sky base easily but it has been removed for a long time now