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Hello everyone. I got bored so i decided to make a post on how to become a great fighter as a mobile player!




Now, you wanna defend yourself from the "pro" players but you dont know how, huh? Let me help you out with this simple guide on how to fight!




So, let's start with the most important part!!! Having the materials to match up with those pesky diamond players patrolling the spawn edge. 


Go mining for diamond, i recommend not leaving your mine until you have 3-5 stacks (64) of diamond ingots!

This is important, because your armor and tools will break faster then you think! Having extra is a great idea!


Also, making your diamond ingots into diamond blocks will help you store them without taking up as much space! This also goes for gold ingots, iron ingots, and lapis!


Now lets get to STEP 1 of becoming a fierce warrior!

First thing your gonna want to do, watch your opponent fight someone else before you fight them yourself! That way you can judge how you want to go about this attack.

Lets say the opponent likes moving in a circle. The best way to counter this is to use his attack against him!

Your probably wondering, "how am i supposed to do that?!" Well, this means follow the path his circle is moving in, but a bit behind him and slanted, more towards his side! Your opponent cannot see you, or hit you now!

You may have to repeat this a couple times, but its your best shot!


STEP 2: Getting comfortable

This may not seem like a big deal, but focus is a huge part of being a new fighter! Even pro fighters do better in calm and quiet environments! I recommend putting in headphones, listening to your favorite song, laying on your stomach on your bed and fighting like this. Remember, everyone has their "comfort spot", get into yours so you can give it your all!


STEP 3: Stay "Banded Up"

Alot of players now will use Harming 2 Arrows, Enchanted Apples, Potions, any sort of of advantage they can get on their opponent, so you need to do the same! I recommend 64 Harming 2 Arrows, 5 Enchanted Apples, 10 Golden Apples, 3 Strength + Potions, 3 Regeneration+ Potions, 3 Healing 2 Potions, 3 Fire Resistance+ Potions, 3 Swiftness+ Potions, and 64 Cobblestone! Wow, thats alot right?

Well trust me, for alot of players these are necessary for your survival!


STEP 4: Practice makes perfect!

Ok, this one is simple. Practice your technique on your friends. Just simply ask "hey, want to do a battle? :)" and if  say no, respect that. Not everyone is a fighter!

Now, once you can defeat your sparring partner, and your comfortable with your battle method, lets get out there and do some damage >:)


STEP 5: Fight!

Fight as many people as you can, as often as you can, and do it regularly! Ive been fighting for 3 years and i stopped for 2 weeks, and i lost my skill! It takes forever to master it but you can lose it quick! Some strong players i recommend fighting if you want a real challenge are Modz, Kanye, Hobo, Lord Alastor (Me ;)), Deadshot, And SilverBlackFury. These are not all the strongest players, just challenging players that are alot of fun and much of a challenge to fight!


STEP 6: Be Diverse!

Dont always fight the same way! Switch it up almost every battle!

Also, be prepared to change your technique as your actually in battle! This makes you unpredictable and very hard to defeat! It also keeps fighting interesting!


STEP 7: Respect!

After a fight, win or lose, always say 

This is how us warriors show respect after a good fight, it means Good Game. This will give you a reputation as a respectable and skilled warrior.


Thank you for reading this, if im missing any good info let me know! Also, if you would like training GD (Gødz Dëmønz) is starting "Summer Camp!" Where we will train players in basic knowledge to get them on their feet! Enjoy!

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Practice using 4 fingers to do spinaround and wolf-circle techniques on mobile. There is a better guide for you.

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How long did it take you to write this?

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Alexandra,too long...

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nice :D

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I'm The Best mobile player .-. 

Dante Verry Che...
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Verry Cherry YT, I only need a sword but thank :D arrows can be blocks with cobble stone btw  XD block the hole heal or dink a potion and go back out and fight duh well works for me lol rarely die my way 

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Verry Cherry YT,i know. Im giving advice for noob players who cant defend themselves lol

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Ok what if I have to battle against someone I have never met? The unknown opponent could be more dangerous than the known opponent

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LegendWolf170903.,keep the post alive 

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i dont use apples or arrows for fighting. Potions not really except strength, speed, and night vision