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I just tried playing offline survival mode on my iPad as of typing this, and I am still experiencing the following glitches/direct obstructions to gameplay:

•Chests not opening, and when you break them and place them back down, all your items that were inside are gone (it happens to all chests you craft, and I cannot use personal chests in offline mode. -_-)

•lag when walking (especially annoying when enemy mobs are coming your way and trying to kill you)

•Game crashes (despite having a good or decent wifi connection)

This is happening to me, and many iOS players, I read some reviews in the App Store where others are experiencing this on other iOS devices too, such as iPhone 6s. So apparently, I’m not the only person this is happening to. Changing view distance, and turning off other apps running in the background does nothing to remedy these problems either,including the chest one I keep complaining about. I think that one is the game’s most upsetting glitch, because of not only how many times this has happened, but also because I’ve lost too many valuable items to this glitch. It’s making me want to delete the app (again) and not play the game anymore. Devs, please look at this post, and fix these pronto, because these glitches and bugs are ruining your game for the worst, and there are a lot of angry people in the App Store right now over this.

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I have been using iOS for a year now for my seperate accounts. No glitches happened. Stop showing your problems as issues that "Every iOS user has"

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Kιαη, Amazing how you had to waste two posts to not even try and make a point that holds no water. It really accentuates your obvious ineptitude quite nicely. Just because it isn’t happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not a legitimate problem happening to others. Little do you realize there are more people tho are experiencing these problems than not, and are actually deleting the app over it. This is a big problem, as it can possibly make or break the game the longer the devs do nothing about it. Stay in the clan forums where you belong, and don’t even bother saying anything unless you have anything actually useful to say.

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You complain of the smallest thing. Nobody's having the glitches you are having. I am a iOS User.

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Vîţâłý-Błačk Pøpe, I seriously don’t think you’ve read the AppStore reviews, because there are more people than just me having these problems. They’re actually deleting the app over it. Do your research, and like I told the other guy here, stay in the clan forums where you belong if you don’t have anything useful to say.

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Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! (Just kidding!)