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Hey Admin,

Maybe we can get Grassblock for 100 Coins in the Shop? Everyone asking for them and they are really hard to get!

We can use them than for making an nice Graden in underground Bases or something!

Well i want that everyone can get the Grassblock easily and we have no Problems with it,i ask because u add too Ice in the Shop and before it was an really Rare item and nobody can get them and everyone give 64 diamond blocks for it!

And can u maybe reduce the Jukebox  Shop Price to 50 Coins? It is useless for now and 540 are really expensive!...

Thanks for ur Time :)

BlueTangs Rock3
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I'm just waitin' for the Silk touch enchantment to be added.

Prehaps in the meantime if they didn't already add it, they could make the block an enderman was holding a 100% drop chance on death, as endermen do have the ability to pick up grass blocks.

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Hey. Such things are solved by statistics of what players buy and put, so we will write it down as your wish and will analyze how to make it.