Contest "Winter Creativity"! Take part and WIN COINS!

Hey all! 
Want more coins? Take part in the Contest "Winter Creativity"!

Contest Details: 
1. Build anything and everything according WINTER theme in Planet of Cubes. For example: Snowman, Christmas Tree, Snow City, Snow Palace, Winter Pixel Art, Skies and vice versa!
2. Made screenshot of your Creation.
3. Attach your screenshots to comments here or send to

1st place: 1500 coins
2nd place: 1000 coins
3rd place: 500 coins

The contest starts NOW, and will last till January 28, 2016!  Winners will be chosen by Planet of Cubes Fair Designers! 




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Jfvur4vg Fri, 2016-01-29 06:33

Who are the winners?