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I have a channel on youtube and i need your help 

I have ideas it make the game more fun 

Like Making videos for builder for pvp 

And we will make evens for some clans ._.

We will play frindly and we will build to gether 

https://youtu.be/AOF7HnEOR38 see and if you want to build with me add me saefmh01 

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cn u ples mak me bas i beg u i pay 80 stacc blok

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Pariֆ,saef is actually a pretty good builder

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J-Dog,thanks :)

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Pariֆ, sur but i will take allong of time to doit becus i am allon i have a small team to build mabe the well help me but i dont want them to know the cord ._. That will be save for you