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The battle between GHE and BFN is being to become more and more violent by the day. Multiple GHE die by the daily, but BFNs own leader has died more and more. What will be the result of all this? who will have the title as best clan? Will GHE keep its title or is it time for a new hier? Find out here, next time, on the news! (Pictures will be posted)

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Ha ha ha ha ha BFN :/ . Have u even seen ghe members niqqa ....

BlueTangs Rock3
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Well that answers my question about what that "PoC Community News" account was going to be used for.

BlueTangs Rock3
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Also I don't think I've ever heard of BFN.

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BlueTangs Rock3,Don't matter anymore

BlueTangs Rock3
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二Konstantin二 wrote:

BlueTangs Rock3,Don't matter anymore

oh, Okie. That ended fast, Lol.

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Hellooo, can I live in your pocket?

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lol kian's title for best clan exists, but i have largest title

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MЧᎦᎿᎥÇ, you may have the largest title but that's there to hide your smallest dick


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TheForgotten, Hey sick Luis Khan im Alex lol