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Today we will build a beetroot farmland in the sky! Sounds cool? 

First of all you need to read Farming Basics. Also please read our previous article about Wheat Farming.

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The process of Beetroot Farming have to be started with obtaining seeds that can be obtained by destroying grass with probability of 2.5%. To speed up the process, place a water on the grass.

Building a Base in the Sky

When you have some seeds, start building the way to the sky and the base in the sky. Before you start building, make sure that you have enough decorative materials, dirt blocks, water bucket, light blocks, food, and HOE! 

The cheapest material to build the way to the sky is a dirt block. Switch on a Ninja button. Put dirt blocks down and press jump button, repeat this till you reach the level of height in the sky that you want.

Then build the base with your decorative materials. In our tutorial (please watch the video below), we have used bricks blocks to build the base, glass to build the fencing, fence to build the holder for torches and torches. 

Place dirt blocks and put water block in the center.


When your base is ready, till dirt with hoe to make a farmland. Water block in the center of the farmland will hydrate the farmland.

Place seeds and wait when your plants will be grown.

Beetroot farming takes 8 stages to grow. But only 4 stages are visible for the player. Every two stages have the same texture, except that growth stage 7 keeps the same appearance as stages 5-6, so that only stage 8 has the final, 'mature' appearance.

Harvest only fully grown beetroot, or you will get only seeds without beetroot.

Remember!!! You or other players have to be online on the planted chunks to continue growing plants! When you go offline and other players aren't on the planted chunks, your plants will stop growing.

Go Down from the Sky

Break the block under water block. The water will spread down and you can jump down on water and use water as an elevator.

Watch Tutorial Video about Beetroot Farming in the Sky below!

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Download the Game Now, if you haven't done it yet!





I will grow beetroot now. thank u pocadmin!